Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions

We do not conduct medical diagnoses and treatments.

The medicine may be performed in Germany only by doctors or naturopaths. No massage replaces a diagnosis or treatment by the doctor or naturopath.

Our offered massages are wellness massages for relaxation or wellbeing.

It is the responsibility of the client if a massage offered by us is compatible with the current state of health. This must be clarified in advance with the family doctor. We accept no liability for damage (personal injury or property damage) of any kind. Participation in a massage is always at your own risk. They assure us that you are free of any illness or ailments that are contrary to a massage at the Ayana Spa.

For some medical conditions, a massage may be refused by our staff or done later. We’re here to help.

Should any of the above conditions be ineffective, the remainder remain in force. Verbal changes are not valid.